This is an update on the buildout of the new WWI Gallery expansion project as of 1730 hours today (Wednesday 22 FEB). Jimmy Kilbourne, Mike Harris & I worked today installing the drywall and anchoring the new walls. Jimmy had already constructed the studding for walls and today finished the electric wiring for receptacles in the walls.  Last week Rick Potter and I helped Jimmy install the long wall that he had constructed.

As of today we are actually slightly ahead of the scheduled calendar timeline and taping and first mud work will begin next week.

If you have not already downloaded the “calendar” please do so and see what days Jimmy needs help … let him know when you can help.(See the website Calendar Page for the work schedule ). Any help will be appreciated.

I am walking you around the new area in order from Entry point to Exit – i.e. Below photo shows where we will actually enter the Gallery from the corner of the existing the WWII area. A portal will be cut through in the area to the right of where the ladder is sitting. The wall to the left of the ladder as you look at it is where the steps to upstairs are.

   Wall behind the existing first area of WWII exhibits  Entry portal to the new gallery will be cut through near where ladder is sitting. Additional electric will be finished next week – outlets are in place. This wall is approximately 22/24 feet long.

   Wall in front of garage door (with dock) with doors to walkway between wall and garage door and steps to upstairs storage area. Electric has been run. The double door will allow for moving large exhibit pieces in and out of the gallery from the outside. This wall is approximately 26 feet long. The steps to upstairs storage / archiving area are behind and to the right of this wall.

   Wall against the metal roll up door (roll up door is behind it). The door goes into the extra storage area further back in the building. Drywall is up and electrical has been run. This wall is approximately 22/24 feet long.

   The wall in the new gallery running along the backside of the new archive room. This will be getting added support studding next week and then drywall. Electric has been run. This wall is approximately 26 feet long.

   (The rest of wall from preceding photo) Exit to the former Print Storage Area & new Archiving Room behind the second room of WWII Exhibits (Sproul, Peregoy & Howie area).

“Engineered wooden “I” beams” with catwalks will be run across entire gallery area and a dropped ceiling installed with can lights. This will allow us to make adjustments to the lighting, gallery exhibits and displays in the future. Then interior walls for the various exhibit sections will run perpendicular to the wall shown in the first photo and flow from the area where the ladder is, looping back and forth, and then exit through the door on the opposite side of the gallery looking toward the front of the museum (last photo above).

Jimmy has been working steadily on the project and we are on track but can certainly use help on the “HELP DAYS” shown on the attached calendar.

Lots has been and is going on with a lot more scheduled for the first week of March and throughout March … culminating the first 2 weeks of April.

If you know anyone who would like to make a tax deductible donation to our 116th Infantry Foundation the new WWI Gallery and museum upgrades would be an excellent opportunity fir them. Let our Treasurer, General Shuey, our ED  Jimmy Kilbourne or me know – we’d love to talk with them and/or arrange a tour.

EVER FORWARD!  Buddy Faulconer

WWI Gallery Update