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Your gift to the 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, Inc. helps fund our Museum, Education and Veteran’s programs.

We Remember Who They were and What They’ve Done; We Educate Others about Them and Their Accomplishments; We Support Our Regiment and Brigade Members, Veterans and Families.

Your donation is tax-deductible and educates current and future generations about our incredible past.

You can make your gift by clicking the donate button below, by calling 540-248-0116 during Museum hours, or by mailing your check to:

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Contributions to Our new Endowment Fund!

The 116th Foundation is excited to announce we have established an Endowment Fund. We have partnered with The Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge and created “The Ever Forward Fund” that will be managed by The Community Foundation on our behalf along with their $21 million in other non-profit group endowment funds. You may give to the fund directly by using contribution and contact information found at; choose the “Donate” and select “Ever Forward Fund” from the drop down Menu.

You can also send us your contribution specified for the fund and we will submit the gift to the fund for you.


From The 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation President

Thanks to the philanthropy of many individual, institutional and corporate donors as well as grants the foundation is able to carry out its mission. It is important that we continue the effort to preserve and promote the legacy of our citizen soldiers through ongoing programs and projects supported by funding we receive from these donations. Operating the 29th Division Museum, preserving artifacts and documents, education outreach, programs and history tours, support to our 116th Infantry soldiers and veterans, and the annual muster would not happen otherwise.

We are no different in function in this area than any other 501(c)3 non-profit entity such as a college fund, humane societies, and local civic organizations serving the good of human kind.  In that respect I would like to offer a reminder of some of the ways you or your company can help us.  We obviously take donations of money, but can also receive stocks, artifacts, and documents. Not so well known is planned giving … such as bequests in wills, gifts of life insurance, gifts of appreciated stock, charitable remainder trusts, and matching gifts from your employer.

Another unknown to many people is the use of a section of IRS code that allows you to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from an IRA. This is a direct distribution from your IRA custodian to the qualified charity and counts toward your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and unlike regular distributions is excluded from taxable income.  In addition, it does not count towards any other charitable donations made in that year.  There are some restrictions but your tax advisor can tell you more about this great opportunity.

Thanks again for your support and let us know how we can help facilitate your annual giving, one-time gifts, or other donations to support the Foundation and its ongoing efforts to preserve the legacy of the Citizen Soldiers of the 116th Infantry.