“25-75-100” is the 116th Foundation’s two year fundraising campaign to support all of our programs: The Stonewall Brigade Museum, Education and Veterans outreach.

There are three “Funds” with multiple areas to choose from to give support under one campaign, that best fits your  desire to help and ability to give.


2019 is the 25th Anniversary of the Foundation’s creation. We have 25 years of success to celebrate and recognize as a cause to support. (Founded, Incorporated, IRS initial ruling all in Summer of 1994)

2019 is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and events such as Thom Howie’s death and Frank Peregory’s Medal of Honor action. We will install an all new WWII/D-Day Exhibit and complete a major gallery renovation.

2020 is the 75th Anniversary of the V-E Day and the end of WWII, and the year we plan to build a multi-purpose education/library/archive room.

2019 is the 100th Anniversary of the return of our Regiment to the U.S. after Armistice Day, and the founding (with the help of some of our 116th members) of the American Legion.

The three fund areas to give to are termed “25”, another “75” and the third “100”. Each represents the fundraising goal amount (in $Ks) and a group of programs to support. Some are “fenced” to support certain programs, one is a general or contributor designated fund.


“25 Fund” 

This area of giving keeps the Museum FREE for visitors and will support the following program areas and their costs:

Operating costs: Museum Utilities, Rent, Insurance, etc.

Investments: fund growth and/or endowment establishment.

Maintenance and Interpretation improvements for the “Ever Forward” Statue on Omaha Beach


“75 Fund”

This area of giving  supports the following program areas and their costs:

Museum: The 75th D-Day Anniversary and WWII Exhibit build and WWI exhibit makeover @ $20,000

Education: Student Travel Scholarships, Museum Internships, Teachers Workshops, Educator Support Materials @ $20,000

A Library, Education, Meeting, Multipurpose Room @ $35,000


“100 Fund”

Gifts to this area of the campaign could be made for one of/or two purposes that you designate.

One purpose is for use in the general account to support the Foundation as determined by the Foundation Board of Directors such as the 20th Anniversary of The Global War On Terror exhibit Renovation.

The second method is for the donor to direct the use for a unique purpose of their choice not listed in the “25”, “75” or “100” fund areas.


Consider gifts to your fund of choice at $25, $250, $2500, or $75, $750, $7500, or $100, $1000…etc.

You can make your gift by clicking the donate button below, by calling 540-248-0116 during Museum hours, or by mailing your check to:

The 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, Inc.

P.O. Box 116

Staunton, VA 24402

Thank you for your generous support of the 116th Infantry Regiment Foundation, Inc.!