The tentative dates for the 2020 History Experience Tours to France have been chosen. There will be three trips to France and each tour includes round-trip airfare, hotels with double occupancy, ground transportation, guides and most meals, plus an unguided day to visit in Paris. 

*WWI Tour – “Over There: Dough-boys In France”

    27 May 2020 thru 3 June 2020 – Observe Memorial Day Week at American Military Cemeteries in France.

*WWII Tour – “76th Anniversary D-Day to St. Lo “

    2 June 2020 thru 8 June 2020 – Spend June 6th on Omaha Beach.

*WWII Tour – “D-Day to St.Lo”

    Third Week of September 2020, specific dates to be published soon.

U.S. history tours being considered for 2020 will be:

    A spring Civil War tour following the Valley Campaign in early to mid-May;

    An early October tour focusing on the American Revolution’s Southern Campaign thru North and South Carolina.

This is what our guests are saying about our D-Day tour:

“People have asked me about the trip and I tell them I loved Normandy and the country side. Your preparation was outstanding from the meeting at Dulles, the museums, the meals, etc. I learned so much and probably would have enjoyed another day just to explore some village shops and/or to have an afternoon to walk on Omaha Beach.

When you have the time to look out over Omaha and Utah Beach and think what it took for those young men to do what was expected it is an emotional experience. It was a gift for me to be there…The trip was a wonderful Experience and I thank you very much”