Beginning with “Giving Tuesday” the Global Day of Giving, and through the end of the year holidays to New Year’s Day, we are asking each of you to please give $10 to the 116th Foundation.

Remember: Who they were and what they’ve done; Educate: Teach others about them and their accomplishments; Support: Programs and events to appreciate our Veterans and their families.

The Paypal link to give will stay active until 1 January 2021, so there is still time to give.

If each of our 3,000+ monthly website visitors gave $10 gave once, just this month, the total of all your contributions would keep our Museum open, AND FREE to visit, for TWELVE MONTHS!

We don’t ask for donations AND charge an entrance fee like most Museums, we feel this important American and World History should be free to experience, but facilities do have basic expenses. Please help with these costs

Rest assured your gift will make an Impact; 84% of all funding goes directly to our programs!

Thank you for your help this year! We hope to see you next year!