The Board of Directors of the 116th Infantry Foundation , Inc. is made up of Retired or former Military and Civilian business people. We all share a deep and heartfelt drive to participate in guiding the Foundation successfully in order to full-fill our mission and vision goals.

The Members of the Board are:

Name Position
Hugh B. Sproul, III, COL(Ret) President
Charles B. Faulconer, Jr., COL(Ret) Vice President
Theodore G. Shuey, Jr., BG(Ret) Treasurer
Linda Parslow, BA Asst. Treasurer
Edmund D. Potter, PhD Secretary
Jimmy W. Kilbourne, Jr., LTC(Ret) Exectuive Director
Edmund Davidson, SAR Member
Von D. Hardesty, BA Member
Robert P. Kuykendall, CSM(Ret) Member
E. Craig Norman, COL(Ret) Member
John C. Simmons, BA Member
Joel P. Jenkins, Jr., COL(Ret) Member
Wayne L. Brown II, MBA Member


The Board completed a facilitated strategic planning session in 2021 that included a full internal self-assessment of Vision, Mission, products and services, constituents, advancement, marketing and a complete SWOT. As a result, a complete revision of our Vision and Mission was produced and adopted and a wholesale shift occurred in what we provide and how we market our foundation.

We see more clearly that our purpose is to educate everyone about an important path of public service provided by generations of Citizens Soldiers to their communities, our Nation and the World. We also realized we should help educators with their task by offering our unique resources for their success. Lastly, we saw that keeping generations of Citizens Soldiers, their families and descendants connected is an important part of educating everyone we can reach.