The Museum

Since 1741 Virginia Citizens have become American Soldiers and made World History. Visit the Stonewall Brigade Museum to explore more than 275 years of Colonial, Virginia, United States and World History through the story of the one United States Army Infantry Regiment that participated in all of it.

Education / Tours

The Foundation’s education and travel programs are for Students and Adults and we provide resources for Educators in our region. We host and lead history tours to Battlefields and historic sites in Normandy and Verdun, France and will add the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in 2019.

The Regiment / Our Veterans

The 116th Infantry Regiment is organized under the Unites States Army Regimental System (USARS). The goal of the U.S. Army Regimental System (USARS) is to foster unit readiness and combat effectiveness by developing in soldiers a sense of loyalty and commitment which comes from long-term identification with a unit and the opportunity to highlight the history, customs and traditions behind the regiment.

Our Campaign

“25-75-100” is the 116th Foundation’s two year fundraising campaign to support all of our programs: The Stonewall Brigade Museum, Education and Veterans outreach.

The Foundation

The Foundation’s VISION is for everyone to know and understand the History, Heritage and Legacy of America’s Citizen Soldiers. Our MISSION is: To provide museums and archives for exhibits and artifacts of historic significance from the 116th Infantry Regiment and area Citizen Soldiers; Conduct education programs for Students and Adults; Support outreach for Veterans, members of The Regiment and their families.

Special Event - Museum Reception and Book Signing. Friday 8 November 2019. 5 PM to 9 PM.

Visit the Stonewall Brigade Museum and meet Paul J. Barbero, Author of the new book "A Far Cry from Green Mountain". The true story of the life and times of Frank Peregory, holder of the Medal of Honor and the Soldier's Medal. Frank was born and raised near Charlottesville, VA and was a member of the 116th Infantry Regiment.

Book Signing, Reception

The 52nd Annual 116th Infantry Regiment Muster!

Save The Date! The 52nd Annual 116th Infantry Regiment Muster will be held on Saturday, 9 November 2019, in Staunton, VA at the Stonewall Jackson Conference Center.

52nd Annual 116th Regiment Muster!

Participate in the 116th Infantry Regiment’s Annual 5K Veteran’s Memorial Race!!

Save the date and make your plans now to run with the warriors! – Saturday NOVEMBER 9th, 2019 – Race Starts at 0800 in Gypsy Hill Park. Registration only $25.00

Run With The Warriors!